Business Operation Services

Increase accuracy, turnaround time, and productivity with our automated and streamlined finance services.

Navigate the complex world of human resources with help from our flexible experts.

Maximize efficiency, and ensure structure in your Company’s Administration and Shareholder Management with our professional experts. 

Reach your business goals and stand out in a competitive market with our marketing experts who provide a range of marketing services.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, marketplace and product to drive business growth with our customer insights service.

Tracking performance

A business should own realistic and actionable means of measuring its business milestones. The process of measuring performance starts from the goal-setting stage. eti’s team sets achievable objectives with clear targets. For example, the goal of achieving a 30% increase in revenues is more actionable than setting a goal to make more money in the next financial period. The company shall then implement a measurement system that determines how well the business is doing against the goal targets.

Keeping up with the latest trends

A business should stay up to date with what happens in the industry to get ideas on how to get better than the competition. To ensure the best performance, we always strive to keep pace with new innovations, changing country laws, and changes in the local economy. Knowing the latest trends and changes in operations, we can help the company find new systems that improve performance and cut costs, or that help the company stay compliant with new regulations.

Streamlining processes

Another way of improving business operations is to evolve with changes in the industry to increase productivity. eti’s team is continually on the lookout for new tools, software,  and equipment that improve and ease critical processes. For example, where the business uses manual methods to manage inventory, eti’s team shall make sure that the management can acquire an inventory management software program that automates most of the processes and saves both time and costs.


  • As a leading developer and operator of innovative spas and high-end spas, Premedion helps you to create a new and distinctive spa and treatment experience while feeling free and inspired at the same time.
  • More specifically, Premedion offers unique spa service solutions based on the individual needs of each partner. Either in the form of comprehensive consultancy, customized development in strategy and concept or by management in the form of professional implementation of projects and concepts in the areas of spas and health care .
  • Since Premedion’s mission is to develop spa facilities in extraordinary and innovative ways around the world, creating places for people to pamper their body, mind and soul and stay healthy, eti has set its resources to help it reach its goals in an easy and efficient way.