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Etqan is a private company, based in the Saudi Arabia, that specializes in managing factories. The company employs industrial designers, industrial architects and project management personnel.

As an investment holding company, eti specializes in investing in diverse fields of businesses and especially two main areas: operating systems and software programs for companies and businesses. eti seeks to improve society’s standards by investing its assets in different projects that pursue the upraising of the community’s lifestyle. We own a strong team of widely experienced professionals in the prementioned fields and of well-known expertise with various large companies in those arenas. We’ve proved the excellency of our name and reputation years ago with large-scale projects and businesses that surpassed its primal expectations.

eti has undertaken a long journey as a holding company that operates, manages, and supervises other companies. One of its premium projects is “Premedion” which is now a well-known name in the domain of operating systems within the hospitality sector such as healthcare centers, hotels, resorts, and spas. Now we’re proud of the global success Premedion achieved which proved our proficiency on many levels. eti was able to plant Premedion’s roots all over the world and you can now enjoy its services in Germany, Qatar, Austria, Egypt, Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, and Moldova.

On the other hand, eti has constructed a solid foundation in the territory of software programming for businesses and companies under the assistance of an affiliate software company specialized in creating programs for gyms and health centers. Having had the opportunity to set up and develop multiple companies’ software systems in addition to creating highly creative and advanced websites and applications, eti is now acknowledged as one of the pioneers in this field. One of its pride projects is “Kullshii” where eti got to build all of its software systems from scratch. Kullshii’s platform is now available for international users to both sell and purchase products with an easily accessible website and application that are strongly secured for the safety of the users’ information.

Hence, eti invested and still does in every field needed in society’s development and progress. With our specific focus on operating other businesses and companies like Premedion and setting up software programs for large projects such as Kullshii.

Since our main goal is to turn all the surrounding weaknesses into strengths that shall upgrade the community’s standards and lifestyle.

Our Concept


Etqan provides professional Industrial Consulting Systems representations from start to finish.


Our company foundation is based on honesty, integrity and hard work.

Industry Experts

Combined experience in performing and supervising industrial projects.

Track Record

Etqan has supervised several projects with zero recordable incidents.

Our Quality

The quality policy in eti has always meant a firm commitment to the adoption of total quality as a strategic value and management method of the companies

  • For the maintenance and monitoring of the quality system.
  • eti has an operational organization made up of the company's quality committee .
  • led by senior quality technicians with extensive experience and qualifications.

Our People

  • Our teams have built up decades of experience and are highly qualified to provide our clients with business operation services as well as software services.
  • Our dedicated expertise means we understand the needs of companies across all sectors, providing reassurance when companies need it most.
  • We understand the needs of companies across all sectors, so we offer our dedicated expertise when companies need it most.

Our Services

Business Operation Services

eti’s business operation consultants are specifically chosen by clients to support them in improving the efficiency of their business value chain. These services include developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programs, and optimizing business processes.

Software Services

eti owns full-service business technology solutions that offer dedicated teams of full-time developers, designers, marketing professionals, network managers, and business consultants. With the capability of transforming data into an organized structure for a product such as mobile apps and websites.

Our Brand

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