The notion of connectivity is just one of the mega-trends our society is increasingly embracing through globalizing every daily detail with state-of-the-art technology. Hence CoWell Club’s concept serves the idea of globalization in a smaller perspective as it offers an unparalleled combination of activities, relaxation areas, workstations, and pleasure means on both private and professional levels.

CoWell Club is a diversified hub that involves; Co-Working, Co-Wellness, Co-Foodie, Co-Fitness, and Co-Community spaces. Our flexible workstations, fitness areas, multi-functional boutique spa, and cooking stations, are equipped with all the tools and latest technology needed for each space to fully function and meet all clients’ standards.

Let your personality blossom in a creative, tolerant atmosphere enjoy the freedom, and communicate openly with the other club members. Engage in work or simply take a break from everyday life.

Reasons Why

  • The connectivity economy is just one of the mega-trends our society will increasingly embrace.
  • People will focus on togetherness and a sense of “WE”. Sharing, swapping, and joint usage.
  • They yearn for more warmth, joint experiences, and closeness. Both on a private and a professional level.
  • Today, people prefer to live in a world of sharing.

Our Concept

  • Morning: your alarm clock goes off, you jump out of bed and go – you don’t need to make coffee, because you know where you’re going, you’ll get the best coffee in town. Where you’re going, you can just be yourself. Your meeting starts at 9.30 am – on the treadmill or the stepper. You spend lunch relaxing on the chillout terrace, where you can give your ideas and thoughts free rein. Alone, with friends, or with colleagues. In the evening, it’s time to party, get pampered with a massage, or do some professional networking. All in one place. But where is that? It can only be: at your CoWELL Club.

Our Spaces


  • The Co-Working area provides a space to work in, which also doubles as a social meeting place in a creative atmosphere: For members, business travelers, or freelancers
  • Flexible workstations, private offices, conference rooms, co-working booths
  • Equipped with WiFi, printers & photocopiers, slots for USB, HDMI, etc.
  • A place where we can tap the potential that is inherent in all of us
  • Recharge rooms and entertainment


  • A unique and multi-functional boutique spa, which covers all the facets of a “normal” spa :
    • Body
    • Beauty
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
  • Adjacent to the reception – possibly “automated” – a retail area with “quick retreat boxes”
  • Co-Wellness rooms for freelancers


  • An open, fully equipped kitchen that offers people the chance to cook together or delivers automated meals (breakfast, lunch, etc.) :
    • Bread roll service
    • Juice bar
    • Unlimited water and coffee
    • Free beer from 05.00 pm
  • Programs such as cooking classes or dinner parties etc.
  • Small corner shop


  • Weights and cardio machines for holistic training (cross trainer), a gym machine for every group of muscles .
  • At the heart of the Co-Fitness area lies the GYM, which is virtually enhanced .
  • Separate area for stretching and stabilization training.
  • Gym machines with virtual reality, e.g. :
    • QR concept
    • Integrated touch screen
    • Virtual personal training
  • Integration of the topic of “FITNESS” in other areas of the club (e.g. offices)
  • Virtual fitness classes with live music by regional providers.


  • CoWell will make you happy: simply take a break from it all. And enjoy yourself. Among friends.
    • Activity room
    • Event room
    • Virtual games
    • Library
    • Jukebox
    • Laundrette
    • Dog hotel
    • Childcare
  • Additional sources of income: e.g. through bike hire, childcare, dog salon etc.