Premedion stands for hanseatic quality. Founded in 2005 in Rostock as a subsidiary of the Deutsche Seereederei GmbH and with headquarters in Hamburg. The Deutsche Seereederei GmbH is one of the largest holding companies in Germany with 16 hotels and resorts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland specializing in hospitality, wellness, fitness, golf clubs and real estate. Deutsche Seereederei GmbH is an active holding company that provides its subsidiaries with strategic management, leadership . and financing functions.

ETI has undertaken a long journey as a holding company that operates, manages, and supervises other companies. One of its premium projects is “Premedion” which is now a well-known name in the domain of operating systems within the hospitality sector such as healthcare centers, hotels, resorts, and spas. Now we’re proud of the global success Premedion achieved which proved our proficiency on many levels. ETI was able to plant Premedion’s roots all over the world and you can now enjoy its services in Germany, Qatar, Austria, Egypt, Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, and Moldova.

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